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    Frequently Asked Questions About Measurely

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    What is Measurely, and what services does it provide?

    Measurely is a scientific platform for administering outcome measures and tracking patient progress in terms of symptom severity, diagnosis, risk and wellbeing. You can also monitor group-level treatment outcomes, based on client characteristics, specific assessment tools, presenting problems, or a treating practitioner.

    Can I purchase Measurely on a monthly basis?

    Certainly, an auto-renewing monthly subscription is the usual way we do things. You can also purchase an annual subscription and receive a discount.

    What is the policy on cancelling?

    Even if you choose to cancel your Measurely subscription—you’ll still retain full access to your account until the end of the current billing period. After this time, you will need to renew your subscription in order to use Measurely.

    What kind of support do you offer?

    We’re offering chat and email support to begin with. After signing up, you’ll also be invited to a 15-minute video call check-in with Tim (completely optional of course).

    How does Measurely protect my patient information?

    Measurely uses state-of-the-art Identity and Access Management (IAM) framework to manage digital identities and user information. Please refer to our detailed policy on customer privacy and data security.

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