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Ask us about Measurely and how to invigorate your practice with a robust and secure pipeline for collecting, analysing and presenting clinical outcomes data. Data is power – and can be used to drive better business decisions, enhance team morale, boost return on marketing and create bespoke research programs.

Screenshot of a digital health platform called 'Measurely' displaying an assessment detail page for a patient named William Darlington. The page shows a completed Patient Health Questionnaire-9 (PHQ-9) with selections indicating a moderately severe range and a provisional diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder. The feedback section includes a personal note about the patient's current life situation and a mention of a change in medication to Escitalopram.

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Mandatory outcome measures

  • Recommendation 24 – Drive continuous improvement and promote accountability.
  • Australian Government Productivity Commission Inquiry Report into Mental Health, 2020

There are compelling reasons to believe that outcome monitoring will soon be made compulsory for allied health professionals who utilise Medicare service items – especially those practicing in the mental health sector. Some funding bodies, such as WorkSafe and the Transport Accident Commission, have already mandated outcome measure compliance for providers.

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It would be desirable for services to be funded only if their effectiveness could be evaluated, preferably through outcomes data. The lack of outcomes data and evaluation for MBS-rebated mental health services -which cost the government approximately $1.2 billion per year (AIHW 2019e) – is concerning.

Why Measurely

Automate patient assessments and grow a collection of your team’s therapeutic achievements to inspire referrers and expand your practice with the most data-driven and clinically-informed allied health software on the market.

About Measurely and the reasons why mental health professionals often avoid using psychological assessments and PROMs.

Reasons for PROMs Reluctance.

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Research suggests that many allied health professionals feel reluctant to record treatment outcomes using PROMs (for a systematic review, see Antunes et al., 2014). According to these studies, practitioners often find that outcome measures are:

  • Too time-consuming to administer and score.
  • Burdensome for clients to complete.
  • Poorly understood by clients.
  • Irrelevant to understanding client recovery.
  • Likely to attract scrutiny from colleagues if used.
  • Difficult to select, due to an overwhelming variety of instruments.
  • Awkward to raise in conversation with clients (particularly when it comes to discussing progress in therapy).

While resistance to routine outcome measurement is deeply understandable, an extensive academic literature has highlighted many significant benefits of PROMs use, including:

  • Lower levels of client dropout (PROMs administration is positively correlated with the number of sessions clients complete during a course of therapy; Liebmann et al., 2022)
  • Greater symptom reduction and enhanced symptom management (Jong et al., 2021)
  • Better communication between client and clinician (in particular, PROMs seem to help clients recognise and raise important health concerns with their practitioner; Ishaque et al., 2019)
  • Early detection of complications and risks (Meirte et al. 2020)
  • Reduced cost of business administration and human resources (Engan et al., 2016)
  • Improved clinician understanding of client progress in therapy (without PROMs, clinicians appear to be poor at identifying which patients are not progressing well; Frantz, & Krieger, 2010)
  • Improved decision-making (and increased shared decision-making in team contexts; Proms Stakeholder Interviews Report, Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, 2018)
  • Higher levels of clinician knowledge and confidence
About Measurely and the benefits of using psychological assessments and PROMs.

Unlocking the Potential of PROMs.

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About Measurely and the consequences of not using psychological assessments and PROMs.

Consequences of PROMs Neglect

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Inconsistent or absent outcome monitoring can result in state of affairs where:

  • Clients unexpectedly leave therapy.
  • Risk markers or complications are overlooked.
  • Practitioners do not properly diagnose, track symptoms or use suitable interventions.
  • Referrals diminish, due to a lack of reporting on treatment effectiveness.
  • Clinicians experience low occupational satisfaction and confidence (i.e. consequence of having no visual representation of their positive impact on clients).
  • Practice owners lack the means to understand or improve team performance.
  • Funding and governance bodies do not have the information they require from practitioners to determine an appropriate level of support.

Systematic reviews have identified a range of barriers and enablers to routine PROMs use in healthcare settings (Wolff et al., 2021). However significantly fewer attempts have been made to synthesise this knowledge into a digital product with the capacity for widespread uptake.

This may be due to a combination of several factors, including the technical difficulty of implementing such a solution, a lack of knowledge regarding best practices in symptom tracking (e.g. reliable change algorithms), and a proclivity for practice management software to prioritise functionality supporting administrative efficiency over an understanding of clinical outcomes.

Consequently, the Measurely team identified a need to co-design a PROMs platform that serves the interests of allied health professionals – one that integrates both research findings and state-of-the-art technological innovation.

How therapists and mental health professionals can use psychological assessments, PROMs and treatment outcomes to make better clinical and business decisions.

About Measurely: Empowering Healthcare Practitioners with Cutting-Edge PROMs Technology.

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The benefits about Measurely — and it's system for administering psychological assessments and monitoring treatment outcomes.
The benefits about Measurely — and it's system for administering psychological assessments and monitoring treatment outcomes.

Step 1: Set yourself up for success

Rely on a Measurely’s safe and scaleable architecture for taking control of your allied health data. Allow the platform to administer and score PROMs on auto-pilot, notify you of risk, and present client outcomes in a manner that is simple and visually appealing.

Step 2: Let data drive transformation

Now that you are tapping your greatest asset (i.e. data), it’s time to start using it to best advantage. Smart charts, tags and verbatim feedback will help you improve your team’s effectiveness, strengthen communication with clients, and shine a light on your positive outcomes (quantitative and qualitative) to reduce dropout attract a higher volume of referrals.

Step 3: Renew confidence and control

Congratulations! You have now implemented an efficient system for collecting valuable data, saving considerable time on clinical administration tasks, and improving the financial bottom line of your business. As the quality and enjoyment of your team grow further, you may consider expanding the number of practitioners you employ, or branch out to additional business locations. Measurely scales with you.

The team behind Measurely.

Measurely platform is a collaboration between Timothy Deitz and Memorres Pty Ltd.

Timothy Deitz

Tim is an experienced Clinical Psychologist who has worked across healthcare settings including St Vincent's Hospital, Epworth Rehabilitation, Royal Children's Hospital, and Sacred Heart Mission. He is currently the director of Effective Psychology on the Mornington Peninsula, and has completed several years of training in Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP), mindfulness and meditation. Tim is an expert in quantitative data curation, and was the principal data analyst for a large research collaboration between University of Melbourne and Western Health (2020-2021)—which evaluated a digital health intervention to automate chronic disease detection in primary care. He has a passion for harnessing data and technology to help practitioners achieve greater enjoyment and efficiency in their clinical work.

Timothy Deitz

Founder & Clinical Psychologist

Memorres Digital

The Memorres team collaborating with Timothy on the Measurely platform consists of 9 members with a combined experience of over 30 years in the healthcare, medical, wellness, and education sectors. Memorres has strong functional, business and technical expertise in designing and developing practice management software, IOT apps, SASS solutions, CRM portals and custom integrations, using robust technology architectures. Adhering to an agile methodology, the team follows best practices in software development, ensuring accessibility, scalability and maintainability, whilst prioritising stringent security protocols. The team is well-versed in designing solutions that meet various data safety handling protocols and compliances, including GDPR, PCR and HIPAA.

Memorres Digital

Development Partner

Jetro Ang

Jetro is a provisional psychologist and academic researcher currently completing his Master of Professional Psychology at La Trobe University. He is committed to supporting the wellbeing of people from all walks of life and fostering a safe and inclusive space in the community. Jetro is passionate about working collaboratively with clients and using evidence-based therapies to empower individuals, overcome obstacles, and improve their mental and physical health. Through his professional and research career, Jetro has experience working with people across the lifespan from diverse backgrounds, and he actively seeks to understand different cultures, traditions, and beliefs, to ensure that everyone is heard and respected. His goal is to empower individuals from diverse communities to lead resilient and fulfilling lives, and support their mental health journey.

Jetro Ang

Psychometrics Analyst & Provisional Psychologist

Science meets practicality

Until now, it has been impractical for clinicians to determine whether improvements in PROMs scores are statically reliable and clinically significant – even though it is a best practice to do so. Measurely performs these complex calculations for you, while offering the freedom to customise how they should be defined and applied to your specific client population.

A happy psychologist using Measurely to administer psychological assessments and monitor treatment outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Measurely

See how Measurely is transforming the use of psychological assessments and PROMs:

What is Measurely, and what services does it provide?

Measurely is a scientific platform for administering outcome measures and tracking patient progress in terms of symptom severity, diagnosis, risk and wellbeing. You can also monitor group-level treatment outcomes, based on client characteristics, specific assessment tools, presenting problems, or a treating practitioner.

Can I purchase Measurely on a monthly basis?

Certainly, an auto-renewing monthly subscription is the usual way we do things. You can also purchase an annual subscription and receive a discount.

What is the policy on cancelling?

Even if you choose to cancel your Measurely subscription—you’ll still retain full access to your account until the end of the current billing period. After this time, you will need to renew your subscription in order to use Measurely.

What kind of support do you offer?

We’re offering chat and email support to begin with. After signing up, you’ll also be invited to a 15-minute video call check-in with Tim (completely optional of course).

How does Measurely protect my patient information?

Measurely uses state-of-the-art Identity and Access Management (IAM) framework to manage digital identities and user information. Please refer to our detailed policy on customer privacy and data security.

What clinicians are saying about Measurely

See how Measurely can enliven your practice.

For our practice, PsychologyCare—Measurely is a game changer. Previously we avoided using software for PROMs and treatment outcomes, and relied on paper-based assessments. But the innovative, user-friendly, sleek and professional interface that Measurely provides, makes measuring outcomes simple. This is a product that is clinically relevant to both our practitioners and our clients alike. It makes us better as a practice.

Dr David Spektor Director of PsychologyCare at Malvern & Prahran (23 practitioners) | Core Therapist on Psilocybin Assisted Psychotherapy and GAD trial | Lead Clinician and supervisor — MDMA for PTSD trial at Clinical Psychedelic Research Lab, Monash University

Measurely allows practitioners to focus on our passion – treating patients, without getting weighed down by paperwork. The automated features allow for the seamless collation of patient outcome data and will soon become an invaluable tool for practitioners and clinics to track and communicate treatment outcomes. A must have!

Alice Crole Director & Clinical Psychologist at Inner Focus Psychology

Measurely allows clinicians to efficiently and effectively administer questionnaires to clients using an elegantly intuitive and user friendly interface. It also provides the unique feature of being able to track outcomes across patient groups in order to provide helpful information which can be utilised to monitor and improve client outcomes at the macro level. Measurely is highly recommended for any clinician wanting to improve their practice.

Dr Nuwan Leitan Senior Clinical Psychologist & Board-Approved Supervisor in private practice and public mental health

Most practices recoil from outcome measures due to the time/effort and expertise needed for administration and scoring…and I did, too. Measurely removed these barriers—the user interface is straightforward, fast, and actually enjoyable to use. It feels great to know where our clients stand clinically and to see all this information at a glance. The use of coloured tags to show symptom severity, risk and change over time, is particularly helpful. Can’t recommend it enough.

Dr Robert Kaczan Director of Open Psychologists Australia (OPA) | Clinical Psychologist

Measurely’s approach to categorising treatment outcomes is nuanced and scientific. The platform makes a significant contribution to therapists by helping them administer and interpret PROMs quickly and easily. Perhaps more significantly, Measurely allows them to understand the effectiveness of the therapy they provide—both for individuals, and groups of patients with shared characteristics. I would recommend Measurely for any psychologist or therapy practice, seeking to assess and improve outcomes.

Julie Cochrane Senior Clinical Psychologist & Director, Dynamic Psychotherapy (27 practitioners)

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