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Send psychological questionnaires with ease—scientifically scored to boost your practice in 2024✨

Gain access to the most validated tools for assessing ADHD, Autism and other diverse mental health issues. Save time with assessment automation, grow a portfolio of therapy achievements, unlock insights with practice analytics and build your confidence as a scientist practitioner!

Psychological assessments, outcome measures, PROMs and treatment outcomes monitoring.

Are you ready to master the science of psychological assessment, give up hand-scoring and gain real clinical insights?

Send outcome measures to patients on auto-pilot. Gain immediate insight into symptom severity, risk, and in some cases—diagnosis. Monitor whether a change in score is clinically meaningful using scientific best practices. And harness the power of practice analytics to understand big-picture outcomes and chart a course towards success.

Save time & brain space with assessment automation 💪🏽

Administer psychological questionnaires with ease using set-and-forget email schedules.

Unleash your inner scientist by using best practices to monitor change 🤓

The first platform to let clinicians customise how they determine reliable change and clinically significant improvement.

25+ validated tools for assessing mental health…and growing 🚀

Your new toolkit of empirically-proven instruments for assessing diverse psychological presentations. With a library that is and growing every week—you’ll be prepared for anything.

Effortlessly understand symptom severity, risk and diagnosis 🏷️

Smart tags make it so easy to grasp the meaning behind a client’s raw score and each observed change throughout treatment.

Client cohorts for refined insights 👥

Create custom cohorts and then use these to tag clients according to the treatment they are receiving or any other common characteristic that you consider important. Later on, you’ll be able to analyse outcomes for each cohort using practice analytics.

Impress referrers with interactive charts to monitor progress in therapy 📉

Interactive charts make it easy to understand changes in symptom severity over time.

Stay on track with client feedback 💬

Every time a patient completes an assessment, they’ll get an opportunity to offer important updates and reflections on therapy so far—to keep you on the same wavelength.

Guide your clinic to success with practice analytics 📊

The first platform enabling you to unlock insights into the treatment outcomes of your entire team and practice—without needing to export your data to specialised software.

Watertight Security 🔒

Full compliance with all national and international legislative requirements for the storage of health data. State-of-the-art Identify & Access Management (IAM) adherence.

Follow-up assessments remembered for you 🧠

Be reminded when follow-up assessments are due. Monitor who has overdue PROMs and which assessments need to be reviewed. Master follow-up assessment compliance for all clients.

More psychological assessments and features coming soon!

We have so many enhancements on the way. Please take a second to explore and upvote those you ❤️—so that we can prioritise them!

A portfolio of the lives you have uplifted

Masterpieces unfold in consulting rooms every day, but often pass unacknowledged when patients leave therapy. We think you deserve a portfolio to honour your professional achievements.

You trained for years to develop skill and insight—don’t you think your accomplishments should be recorded somewhere?

Our work isn’t easy.
Let’s support each other.

Measurely nurtures your confidence and morale as a practitioner—helping you overcome imposter syndrome once and for all.

Grow your confidence now

You’re about to fast-track your development as a scientist-practitioner and we won’t settle for anything less.

Timothy Deitz
Clinical Psychologist & Measurely Founder

You love therapy and we love therapists. It’s a match made in heaven.

What mental health professionals are saying

See How Measurely is Transforming Mental Health Treatment.

For our practice, PsychologyCare—Measurely is a game changer. Previously we avoided using software for PROMs and treatment outcomes, and relied on paper-based assessments. But the innovative, user-friendly, sleek and professional interface that Measurely provides, makes measuring outcomes simple. This is a product that is clinically relevant to both our practitioners and our clients alike. It makes us better as a practice.

Dr David Spektor Director of PsychologyCare at Malvern & Prahran (23 practitioners) | Core Therapist on Psilocybin Assisted Psychotherapy and GAD trial | Lead Clinician and supervisor — MDMA for PTSD trial at Clinical Psychedelic Research Lab, Monash University

Measurely allows practitioners to focus on our passion – treating patients, without getting weighed down by paperwork. The automated features allow for the seamless collation of patient outcome data and will soon become an invaluable tool for practitioners and clinics to track and communicate treatment outcomes. A must have!

Alice Crole Director & Clinical Psychologist at Inner Focus Psychology

Measurely allows clinicians to efficiently and effectively administer questionnaires to clients using an elegantly intuitive and user friendly interface. It also provides the unique feature of being able to track outcomes across patient groups in order to provide helpful information which can be utilised to monitor and improve client outcomes at the macro level. Measurely is highly recommended for any clinician wanting to improve their practice.

Dr Nuwan Leitan Senior Clinical Psychologist & Board-Approved Supervisor in private practice and public mental health

Most practices recoil from outcome measures due to the time/effort and expertise needed for administration and scoring…and I did, too. Measurely removed these barriers—the user interface is straightforward, fast, and actually enjoyable to use. It feels great to know where our clients stand clinically and to see all this information at a glance. The use of coloured tags to show symptom severity, risk and change over time, is particularly helpful. Can’t recommend it enough.

Dr Robert Kaczan Director of Open Psychologists Australia (OPA) | Clinical Psychologist

Measurely’s approach to categorising treatment outcomes is nuanced and scientific. The platform makes a significant contribution to therapists by helping them administer and interpret PROMs quickly and easily. Perhaps more significantly, Measurely allows them to understand the effectiveness of the therapy they provide—both for individuals, and groups of patients with shared characteristics. I would recommend Measurely for any psychologist or therapy practice, seeking to assess and improve outcomes.

Julie Cochrane Senior Clinical Psychologist & Director, Dynamic Psychotherapy (27 practitioners)

Insight. Refinement. Success.

Win back your time, grow your practice, boost morale and help your team thrive. Expansion takes care of itself when you embrace a process for continual improvement.

Psychological assessments, outcome measures, PROMs and treatment outcomes monitoring.
Psychological assessments, outcome measures, PROMs and treatment outcomes monitoring.

Mental health professionals trust Measurely for efficient and scientific psychological assessments. Join our community and get started today.

Monitoring treatment outcomes is a challenge for time-pressed allied health professionals. Measurely has simplified the process of routine outcome measurement, without compromising on administrative efficiency. We appreciate that you have a business to run and people to support. So let us support you in achieving continuous service enhancement, a lighter burden of clinical administration, and inevitably-a practice that is healthy and successful.

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